Simona Halep Out of the Game

The Romanian player who finished last year at number 3 worldwide, Simon Halep, has withdrawn from the Sidney International tournament of her own choice because of gastroenteritis. This is not good for Halep who is struggling to move up in the rankings and has to overcome power players like Serena Williams.

Her year started off very well with a victory at the Shenzhen Open, which was her 9th career title and things were looking up for Halep. The player believe to have contracted this illness while in China and is not happy at all with missing the Sydney International on account of it.

In an official statement she said that she feels like she is unable to play which bugs her a lot. She continued by saying that she came to play all the tournaments and a stop in that road is not a good idea. The player laments that she has not played a game in the last 3 days and is afraid of losing her practice and tonus. However she understand that there is no use in going out on the field in her condition and will wait to fully recuperate first.

She hopes to recover as fast as possible to be able to play in the Australia Open which starts next week. Missing on another major tournament would not be good at all for her year and may even have repercussions on here overall ranking. Until the Australia Open starts all our thought go to her and both fans and family hope to make a speedy recovery.


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